Review: Getting the most out of this Awesome Website Review: Getting the most out of this Awesome Website

Have you ever heard of a dynamic singles dating site where it allows you to find a perfect match in a short period of time? Well, is here to provide you with one of the best services there is when it comes to hooking up online. Its unique features standout among other sites which makes it as one of the top dating sites there is online.


As we all know, there are thousands of hookup sites in the web that are being hosted by different individuals and companies. Still, based on our thorough research, we conclude that is indeed a legitimate site where you can find the intimate partner you prefer and will tell you why. But first, we want to explain the lay out of the site and other factors that make an extraordinary singles site that people who are looking for casual sex should try.

The Members: An Extraordinary Number that provides a lot of Choices

According to the statistical data that has as well as other sources we found online, they have more than 50 Million members worldwide. That is already an impressive number to consider since not all websites of any kind could easily get that number of members. Given this number of members around the world, it makes it easier for people to find the right match depending on their geographical location, the physical and sexual preference they want as well as the number of people they want to hook up with.


While the number is impressive, you may now start to wonder what the ratio of men to women on is. As we all know, the common problem that most dating sites has been facing is the lack of women to connect and have a conversation with. While this is a common problem with other singles site, has no problem with that as they almost have an equal number of men and women members. We believe this is all possible because of the effective promotion of the site.

Safety of Users: A Primary Concern of

Scammers are everywhere, sometimes a whole site can function as one. While we will later discuss why is a legitimate site, we guarantee you that whatever you invest on this site is worth it. However, the site administrators also warns that there are people out there whose main purpose is to take advantage and deceive hard working people for their own benefit.

This is the reason why advises all their users to be keen and should keep a look out for people who are out there to take advantage of others. This may be in the form of soliciting money while pretending to be part of the site’s administrators or other scams that is outright deceptive and will cause harm to users who are here to find pleasure and not pain.

Here are a few tips that the site offers to their users when it comes to reporting scammers:

  • Report all Suspicious activities that you notice
  • Do not meet up with people on private places. Make sure that you meet on a place where there are people who could see who you are meeting up with
  • Members are not allowed to solicit money from other members for any other purposes
  • Provide your personal phone number instead of your home number just to make sure that you receive the call directly.

Age Limit:

All members should be 18 years of age and above. During membership, the site already emphasizes that those who are below 18 years of age are not allowed to join the site. Violation of this term will cause your account to be suspended.


Like everywhere else, women here should be respected. Think of it this way, you are both here with the same purpose of finding someone to have a temporary sexual connection. Whatever the reason you both have, it should be understood that you still should respect other users.

The women who are using this site are not skanks. Most of them are women who are working decent jobs looking for someone who can provide them with their needs while some would just want to make a connection to others who share the same views like them.

During our experiment, we met different women having different jobs or engaged on great activities outside the site so we could say that they really deserve to be respected. Besides, it’s not like they make this a way of living or they are porn stars for that matter.

Other Reports from different Sources has been awarded as one of the top dating sites by several sources. As a matter of fact, the following online groups and organizations endorse this site to everyone who is looking for a discreet encounter:

  • Online Dating Council
  • Dating Works
  • AVN Awards
  • Online Review Council

If youthink that these facts have already made a great site to visit; then wait, because there are still more. You still have to learn a lot of things that will truly impress you about this site. has a lot of exposure that some magazines and TV shows even mentioned them. The site has been featured in Howard Stern Show, TMZ , Porn TV and Playboy TV. The reason for this is the fact that has been able to show many proofs that the site is legitimate and that users are satisfied with the performance of Several reviews about this singles site is found on the web which all explains how this site could really show results and help people find the intimate partner that they are looking for.

However, if you think that the site is limited to online reviews then you should also check out testimonial videos of online users on Youtube as well as the thousands of likes that they have on Facebook. This only goes to show that the site is definitely credible and has satisfied their members with its performance as well as the results that they gave.

However, the most amazing review so far about this site is what we are offering you right now. We’ll now explain more about the site and how being a member could definitely benefit all those who are looking for a no-commitment intimate partner.

The Legitimacy of the Site

There are thousands of scam dating sites and hook up sites out there which is the reason why we are warning you to be vigilant and make sure that the site you choose to go is 100% real and that at the end of the day, the goal of finding the perfect partners and besatisfied with them is met.

Based on the research that we have conducted, so far all comments about this site is positive and that people are able to find the partner that they have been looking for on this site. However, this could be just a claim and a marketing strategy that use so we decided to conduct an experiment to check out whether the site is legitimate.

To be able to really come up with a good result, our team conducted this experiment for a month in order to check whether the site is real and will it really be able to live up to its reputation over time. Our group of 6 created 2 usernames, one of a male and another is a female.

It all turns out that people here are all looking for discreet encounters and casual sex. This is the reason why in just two days, one of the boys was able to meet up with this hot chick and they enjoyed the night together. After a few more days, the other dudes were also able to score a date. Out of the 47 who met up with us, only 5 of them left and spent the night somewhere else.

And as we have mentioned, we also created a female user name and so we had to call someone whom we knew who is always game to this kind of dalliances. And yes, we were able to get her 67 dates in one month. Unfortunately, most of the time, she wasn’t able to meet up with all of them due to the number of dudes who wants to get their hands on her. We wondered why several men fell for the person when as a matter of fact; we made a plain profile of the person. Of course, they were all surprised when they saw the hot chick who met with them in the sushi bar.


Obviously, is a legitimate site. We were able to meet up with different women and have intimate nights with them. We really enjoyed the experience there. We couldn’t help but recall their banner which says that users take control of their sex life. Well, based on our group’s experience, what they said is really true. We would definitely recommend for those who are looking for casual sex. Definitely, this is one of the top dating sites you should try.

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