Review: An Extraordinary Site for Singles Looking for Fun Review: An Extraordinary Site for Singles Looking for Fun

If you are familiar with online dating then I know for sure that you have already heard about It caters more to audiences who are looking for discreet encounters and casual sex. Of course, it is easy to understand, though, that you may also find what you’ve been looking for here on this site.

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There are thousands of dating sites and hook up sites so far and stands out among its competitors. The site’s unique features are something that invites most users to check it out. Of course, the dating site also guarantees users that they will be able to find the right person that they are looking for.

New Look and Improved Features

As the online world improves every day, even dating sites should go with the flow and improve their features. understands the importance of making their site more competent which is the reason why it made a major transition and it now has a new look.

The new look of the site is more inviting to users and there are several unique clicks for the site everyday due to this. Of course, these visitors are also expecting to see more from this famous singles sites and they were not failed to find what they have been looking for since the site also improved their features for their user’s convenience.

Easy Sign Up: Another Advantage of Using this Best Singles Site

Have you ever experienced signing up for a singles site? Most probably, it took you a lifetime before you were able to sign up. Some of the other single sites may have errors occurring as you enter your details (probably due to the many malwares that the site contains). Other errors may occur during e-mail verification. We have to admit that when a single site does bogus dealings; its maintenance is being cared less.

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Those who are working to make a better site understands this problem and make sure that errors during sign up is prevented as much as possible which is the reason why you can register on the site smoothly. Plus, it only takes a few minutes to register and receive your email and that you can find the partner you want in no time.

During the process, an attractive naked woman will guide you during the process and teach you how to register. The first thing that you will be instructed to do is choose the state of your gender and your preferred gender to hook up with. Then, you will be asked to fill in the necessary information like your preferred username, password as well as a working e-mail address for further verification.

After a few seconds, an e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address that you’ve provided. All you have to do is to click on the link that is sent on the e-mail. This will be redirected to the site and you may now start using the services that has.

In the event that the e-mail verification takes quite a long time to arrive, please check your junk/spam e-mail since the account may have some issues with the message. Rest assured, that e-mail will come since the team at is always looking forward to welcome you to one of the top dating sites on the web.

User Friendly Lay-out: Outstanding Features

Like we have mentioned earlier, the website has undergone a major transformation for the benefit of its users. However, this is not limited to the registration since that’s only the beginning of what this singles site has in store for you.

Other features are also improved for the satisfaction of online users. However, the features that a member could enjoy still depend on the membership that they chose to avail. Here are the different features that has to offer to all their users based on the membership plan that they would select.

Basic Membership

Being a basic member isn’t that bad since you still enjoy several privileges as a user. Unlike other singles site, allows basic users to still interact with other users using other membership plans. If you choose this plan, you still can find someone who shares the same interest you have by the following features that they offer you:

  • allows basic users to browse through their website and the web for free
  • The site also allows you to create a basic profile and upload photos to show other users
  • Messaging features allows you to send messages to other members and invite them to meet up outside the site.

Isn’t that impressive? Several sites need you to pay for those features but allows you to enjoy these features for free. However, those who purchased other membership plans enjoys more features that will help them narrow down the partner they prefer.

Silver Membership and its added Features that gives them an Edge offers a silver membership plan for those who wants to enjoy additional features of the site. There are several advantages that the silver members enjoy than the basic members do not get the chance to try.

Silver members are allowed to use all the features that are enjoyed by basic members- and we know that offer alone is awesome.

  • You may add friends and create a list on the website much like those on social networking sites.
  • Join forums and discussions to meet other silver and gold members. This enables silver members to get to know more the person on a social situation and learn about their interests and fantasies.
  • Silver members are also given the opportunity to do advanced searches to narrow down the partner that they want to meet. This may include physical features as well as sexual preferences that they have in mind.
  • Unlike those who are on basic membership, searches made by silver members are more prioritized by the site. This gives a much greater advantage to the people.

Gold Membership: Be on the Top Priority and Enjoy All the Features that the Site Offers

Well, if you really are interested in meeting someone new and the right person that will fulfill your wants then you should try their Gold Membership plan. You get both the advantages of those who are basic and silver members. There are a lot more features that you may enjoy by being a Gold Member of .

Those who are under the Gold Membership programs are entitled to the privileges of both Silver and Basic members. Still, these features that only Gold Members enjoy really make them stand out among the users of the site:

  • Do advanced searches through the website
  • Create a friend’s list like social networking sites
  • Engage in casual conversations with other Silver and Gold Members
  • Get Unlimited Access to hardcore pornography that the website offers to the users. This feature is exclusive only those who are Gold Members.

The Number of Users and the People who joins them

The site claims that every day, they have thousands of unique views from all over the world. Of course, as one of the top dating sites, it is no wonder that they attract thousands of unique visitors each day who register and try their site. Today, the site boast millions of users which is the reason why there is a high possibility for you find the right partner that you want to spend a steamy night with.

Based on our research and experiment, most of the women here are willing to spend the night together with us. These women are no push overs since we met models who are really hot and other women from different professions. As a matter of fact, they would giggle and laugh when they find out that this is all an experiment. It seems like the reason why we are there really didn’t matter to them as long as they find a person to spend the night with.

Take note, out of the 50 individuals who met up with us, only 3 went home without us. We really enjoyed being part of this site and we know that it would be best for those who are looking for a casual partner to come and try this site.

Safety For Users and Other Policies

Just like any other top dating sites, spammers and scammers come here to just promote or to even deceive people. The administration has been strict about this and is making sure that site users are kept away from these people. Of course, it is also your responsibility to be vigilant and report any suspicious activities or person.

All users should be 18 years of age and above to be qualified to use their services. This rule has been emphasized from the very start and the violation of this rule will lead to the suspension of your account.

Conclusion: is one of the top dating sites there is and we highly recommend it to everyone who is looking for a discreet encounter. Not only do they find hot chicks here but the overall performance of the site is outstanding that it helps you find the partner that you have been looking for in no time.

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