Tired Dating the Usual Type of Guys? Date a Geek!

Dating is a way for two people to get together and assess whether they are compatible to each other, and can have a relationship beyond the level of friendship. But what the heck is happening in this world, it seems that you cannot find someone decent enough to share intimacy with. Most guys today tend to be conceited and a lot vainer than girls. Crazy, but true.

If you dated these types of guys, I know you will agree with me that they love talking about themselves, and always have one eye on their reflection. They believe that they have it going on. They are overly confident and think they are the epitome of perfection. Essshhh! It is just so irritating!

Too much of these types of guys led me to try something a little different. I opted to date a geek. Thank goodness I did. You see, when you date a geek, you will enjoy substantial conversations with someone who is not self absorbed and who is really interested in what you have to say. This actually appeals to me and to most smart girls out there. And guess what, they have more to offer than a meaningful exchange of words.

Reasons Why Date a Geek

  • They are INTO You. You won’t have to compete with anyone else for his attention except maybe for books or the computer. Nevertheless, the fact that you are for real makes a new whole world for him, making him more interested and will engage with you.
  • Perfect Gentlemen. Geeks know what it feels like to be needled, teased and bullied. They don’t want these things to be experienced by anyone else. They evolved into kind and caring individuals – perfect gentlemen, who takes care of you and won’t let any harm come upon you.

    • They have the Brains. One reason they are called geeks is because they are intelligent and what’s great about this is that they can do the thinking for you. This comes in handy when you need someone who knows a lot about technical stuff, trivia games and the like. Well, this allows you to focus more on more important things like world peace and shoes, right?


    • They have the Dough. Given that they are intelligent, most geeks are in the highest bracket of income. In most cases, they have procured all the things they needed and wanted in life, thus the next in line is to spoil you with all the stuff you’ve ever wanted.

    Where to Find Your Perfect Geek?

    Where do you think you’ll find your perfect geek? Where else – the internet of course! Geeks usually hang out and spend a lot of time in the digital world. Most often than not, you will find them on online dating websites where they can be more confident talking with other people. All you have to do is join a dating website and start searching for your perfect geek.

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