Spice Up Your Sex Life

In a relationship, people can get complacent after quite some time. It is a normal occurrence, especially to those who are together for a long time. Everything becomes a routine, even sex feels like it is just something you have to do. It is nice to have a few tips and tricks up your sleeve to make your relationship better, but it is also crucial to reconnect sexually with your partner. You have to take control and know ways how to spice up your sex life. Would you love to get that passionate fire burning again? Read on.

Reconnect with Yourself Sexually

When there are one million and one things going on in your mind, you eventually take each other for granted. This doesn’t mean you don’t love each other anymore, it’s just that life gets in the way. In the process, you also forget how to pleasure yourself. How can you give someone a pleasurable experience if you yourself forgot how to do it? Take time and reconnect with yourself sexually. Read sensual literatures, watch exotic films and masturbate if that’s what it takes for you to relearn how to be sexy again.

Dirty Talk

Incorporate dirty talks in your daily routine and intensify them in the bedroom. You can send sexy messages through his/her mobile phone or send your partner an email on what you plan to do. Whisper into his/her ears some of your sexy thoughts. These dirty talks will surely send shivers throughout the body and will definitely make things fiery.


The classic blindfold method never grows old. It is one of the best ways to induce excitement and sexual tension. Blindfold your partner and do the things you know that will fire him/her up or better yet, surprise him/her with a new move. A hot and passionate sexual foreplay can definitely result in a mind-blowing, explosive climax.

Sexual Fantasies

For someone who is quite shy about their sexual fantasies, this can be a little daunting. One way to do this with your partner is to exchange notes with him/her and set a date that you can make your sexual fantasies come alive. There are a lot of costumes out there that you can use to spice up your role playing. Act out and have a sexy imagination, do this and you will really have a hot love making.

Try Different Positions

Love making gets electrifying experiences with different sexual positions. G spots are located differently so try exploring positions that will stimulate them. Positions have a significant role, so try out diversity and experience how it satisfies the both of you.

There you have it! It’s not too late for you to bring back the intimacy between you and your partner. These will not only bring back the passionate fire between you, it can even turn things up a notch in your relationship. Don’t waste time.Spice up your sex life and rediscover and uncover things that you can do sexually.

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