Sex is Great, but With Its Benefits Sex is Awesome!

Admittedly, sex is really great! Why has else so many people got into trouble and spending so much time just to get it? Most of you don’t know that the best part of having sex is not only the orgasm perse, but you can get considerable physiological and psychological benefits by engaging in it on a regular basis. Backed by quantitative and qualitative research, the benefits are described below.

1. Immunobooster

During sex, IgA (Immunoglobulin A), a specific type of antibody drastically increases. This actually prevents you from catching common colds, flu and other various infections. Studies show that people who engages in sex once or twice a week are reported to have higher levels of IgA than those who seldom or abstained from sexual activity of any kind. Therefore, being sexually active means you are in great health.

 2. Alleviates Stress and Anxiety

Have you noticed that after having sex you are more relaxed and generally happy? Well, that’s because sex greatly reduces stress and anxiety. The release of endorphins and other significant hormones makes this possible.Furthermore, people who have sexual intercourse 2 to 3 times a week are said to handle stressful situations a lot better and are more able to function cognitively as well.

 3. Physical Fitness and Weight Maintenance

Obviously, sex is also considered as a physical exercise. According to studies, 200 calories are burned in one hot sexual intercourse, it’s the same calories burned when you jog for 15 minutes. A person who is sexually aroused has an increase heart rate the same thing happens when you put a certain effort when you are working out. Basically, this is a sign of increase metabolism that aids in the breakdown of a dispose or fat tissues. Moreover, during sex, certain groups of muscles contract, making them toned and a lot more aesthetically-pleasing. Specific hormones are released which are known to be beneficial in strengthening the bones and the muscles.

 4. Relieves Pain

Right now, having a headache or any king of pain is no longer an excuse not to have sex. Right before an orgasm, oxytocin, a hormone known as the ‘cuddle hormone’ increases 5 times. This stimulates the release of endorphins ‘the happy hormone’, which does not only produce a euphoric effect, but it’s believed to have a pain relieving effect as well. In addition, women who have sexual intercourse stimulates the production of estrogen, which can decrease pain experienced related to premenstrual period.

 5. Increases Life Span

A study done among men who are traced to have a healthy, regular sexual intercourse and have the most orgasms have a mortality rate 50% lower than those men who did not have sex on a regular basis. Come to think of it, that’s definitely a long period of time to enjoy more sex.

These are only a few of the countless benefits of having sex. Not that you needed more reasons to justify sex, these reasons are a sure way to convince your partner that sex is actually a biological necessity. So, Sex is great, but with its benefits sex is awesome!

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