Proven Tips for Online Hookups

Have you tried online hookup dating sites? How many? If you have and your answer to the second question isn’t one, then you’ve probably fallen a victim of scams. For those guys who have no experience with online dating sites, it is best to keep in mind that most dating sites are fake. They ask you to sign up and to pay for a discounted price. You waste your time setting up your profile and looking for women. You send emails to a lot of women and find out that you’re not getting any good replies. Then you search online if there’s something wrong with your dating site and you learn too late that the site is a scam.

It’s a classic story. Men get enticed by ads with beautiful women in them and very cheap membership fees. If you really want to get into a legit hookup dating site, then you have to be careful to avoid being scammed. There are hundreds of dating sites out there and the danger is not the just site, there are foreign and individual scams that exist on the dating sites. It is then best to narrow down your choices to the dating sites that are really genuine. Some sites have been tried and tested by different blogs and scam reviewer sites. You can spend your time trying to sift through all the numerous dating sites out there, you’ll end up with the same list of legit dating sites.

Now that you know which sites to go to without worrying about your money, then the next thing to worry about is how to hookup online. Remember that you are looking for a hook up and not a girlfriend or a lifelong partner. You might end up having a partner, but you have to set your expectations to a realistic level. The women are aware that they are in a hookup dating site and not a regular dating site. They know that hookup dating sites are primarily for, well, hooking up. If you are looking for more than just a casual experience, you’re on the wrong site, although it can’t hurt to try, and have fun before settling down or looking for a long-term partner.

Once you’re on a dating site, start immediately. Build your profile. Your success will depend on your profile. Your profile picture should be you. Make sure you look good in the photo. If you’re having trouble searching through your photos for a good picture, take a photo of yourself. The most recent the photo, the better. When taking a self-portrait, your camera should be able to take decent quality photos. Poor quality photos never make you look good no matter how good looking you are. Choose a good background. You might look good in a photo, but women notice a lot of different details and that includes the setting where your profile picture was taken. Your background should not be dirty clothes, your bathroom, or your chaotic room. Also, it should just be only you in the profile picture unless you’re accompanied by famous personalities. Next is the lighting. Everyone can look good with a good lighting. If you don’t have a well-lighted place inside your house, you can take the photo outside. The sun should not be shining harshly. The light should be soft to make you look fair and friendly. Smile in your photo. Women are more attracted to men who are smiling in their profile pictures. If you have a friend who can help you get that nice photo, go ask for their help. See, even the smallest details have to be addressed if you want to be knowledgeable on how to hookup online.

Don’t take too much time on your profile picture. If you think you have a decent photo that you can temporarily put up on the site, you should do it and replace it with a better one afterward. What you should spend a lot of time on is your profile content. Women don’t just look at your photo, they read your profile. Look at the site and find out what it requires from you. Don’t type and enter immediately. It is best if you write your personal info in another place or program and read it there. Be as honest as possible and think about your audience when writing. Be in the place of the women and read what you’ve written. Are they going to like it or are there ways to improve it? To have a better idea of what you’re going to put in your profile, make a list of all the things that are interesting about you or might get the attention of the women. Pick out the most interesting ones and incorporate it into your profile. Once you’re satisfied with what you have, have it checked by an online paper grader. There are sites that offer free paper rating services that tell if you any grammatical errors or there are words that be better improved. Once you’ve polished your profile content, post it immediately. Take note of everything that you’ve put into your profile. Women will likely ask you stuff about what you’ve written in your profile. If you’ve put in details that are not completely honest, make sure your story checks out and be consistent.

You’re off to the next step which is, of course, looking for women. Dating sites often require you to send emails to women and let the women decide whether they want to reply or not. You’re not the only member of the dating site. If you have a pretty good taste in women and you think you’ve found a good prospect, you might not be the only one. The woman you want to make contact with probably has received a lot of emails from other guys. The only way for you to get her attention is to stand out. Don’t be boring on your introductory email. Flatter her and tell her what sets you apart from all other men who’ve tried to contact her. If she does not reply immediately, it does not mean she’s not into you. Don’t be impatient; give it two to three days. If she does not reply or replies with a decline, go ahead and start searching for your next prospect and try to learn from your mistakes. How to hookup online should be an easy thing for you once you know what to do.

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