Desperation – A NO NO in Online Dating

Confident, fearless, amazing – these are the traits show that you have your life together. Women who are responsible, can support themselves and more importantly, do not depend upon a man in order to live, are the characteristics that most men are looking for today. These are the types that men chase after and not the other way around.

However, in the online dating world, as much as women want to project this impression they are unaware that they appear needy and extremely desperate as if only a man can fulfill their happiness. Try reading between the lines, women who have a long list of qualities they want in a man does not imply that they know what they want. Instead, it shows quite the opposite, it lays a message that a woman cannot find what she is searching for and is too frantic to find it.

There are further ways in which women appear desperate online. Due to this, the chances of finding a perfect match are ripped off. So, it is important to find possible ways to keep your desperation concealed to be able to achieve a more worthwhile relationship. Here are some techniques you should consider to prevent sounding desperate.

Straightforward and Friendly Profile

Less is always better. In creating a profile, it is salient to keep it straightforward, amiable and attractive as possible. Do not give out too much detail about yourself. It will impose a feeling of desperation around you. Let the ‘getting to know’ phase unfold as you go about the dating process.

Take it Slow with Your Personal facts

Personal facts, intimate details and life’s miseries should be kept off during the initial conversations. Your first goal is to focus on getting to know each other and building a rapport. Unfolding your personal details, especially your miseries too early can make you look so needy in search for a personal savior, which can make your date run from you.

Steer Clear of Inappropriate Pictures and Languages

If you want to attract quality men, avoid uploading crude photos and rudimentary languages. This will give a wrong impression and might entice the wrong type of men. It can ruin the whole deal of finding your much awaited life partner.

Don’t Be Aggressive

I know getting to know a potential partner can be quite exciting that sometimes you can’t help yourself from contacting him every now and then. But please, give him a breathing space. Give a little time pass in between conversations. It will keep the fire going and it will exhilarate the conversation better. Don’t keep insisting, let your date initiate the conversation once in a while. Schedule your conversations when both of you are mutually up to it.

If you are desperate, try concealing it. Remember, confidence in women is very appealing to men. If you want to attract a man of character, then better fix yourself, edit your profile and have the right kind of attitude that will facet the type of women, men chase after.

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