DateHookup is Definitely Not One of the Top Dating Sites

DateHookup is Definitely Not One of the Top Dating Sites

“We’re 100% free for everything, if you join you will meet someone”, this is what declared as they say they are one of the top dating sites. That declaration seems to be over assured because after I have tried using the website, I was very frustrated. The website seems ancient since its structure is obsolete and not very enjoyable and appealing to the eye. The features of this website are mostly primary and you can find these on any other online dating sites. Most top dating sites have something exclusive to offer, but DateHookup does not have. The website is subsidized by some significant players in the world of online dating sites like,,, and AdultFriendFinder. Now the question I have is, if DateHookup is so great and you “will meet someone” and is 100% free, then why would anyone have to subscribe for any of the other websites which charged you for their services? The declaration, “you will meet someone” is pretty unexplained since it could basically just be getting someone on the website that can officially be categorized as a ‘meet’. They’re not actually appealing that you will meet or you will be able to date someone. They just said that you will basically meet someone, in which you can do this on any top dating sites.

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  • The site is okay with regards to its search page because it has many choices in the advanced search. You have a few categories to focus on that you can get very specific and fill out each search term. Under “Physical” you can choose for age, height, hair, eyes, body, ethnicity and the astrological sign (which I’m not sure has anything to do with you physically). Under “Personality” you can specify Politics, Religious beliefs, Children or Smoking, but no Alcohol. You can also search by Usernames or Search phrases and Keywords since members use keywords on their own on their profile pages.
  • “Latest Activity In My Area”” is a live stream type page where users can post status updates similar to Facebook, most of which are individuals just being bored. It also shows when members have received gifts or have added photos to their profiles.
  • As what they say, they are one of the top dating sites that is 100 % free. This is quite real, but you’re getting nothing because you’re not spending for anything. The website really has nothing quite to provide.
  • They declare that the site has “No spam – Fake profiles are deleted and banned. We take this seriously.” But the Terms & Conditions are completely contradicting to that claim by clearly stating that ”DATEHOOKUP.COM IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY INCORRECT OR INACCURATE CONTENT POSTED ON THE WEBSITE OR IN CONNECTION WITH THE SERVICE, WHETHER CAUSED BY USERS OF THE WEBSITE, MEMBERS OR BY ANY OF THE EQUIPMENT OR PROGRAMMING ASSOCIATED WITH OR UTILIZED IN THE SERVICE”.
  • The site provides a clickable choice for “Premium Matches” or “Free Matches” but when you basically simply click those, it will divert you to for the 100 % free sites and for the top quality matches.
  • The site has a page named “Let’s Meet” where they display your profile pictures from a member’s profile and ask if you would like to meet them by selecting either yes, no or maybe and if you both select yes, then you both will appear on each other’s Mutual page and you can then contact the user for a potential hookup. You can also view their profiles if you really like what you see and speed the process up by sending them a message or a gift.
  • You can also simply rate the users’ profile pictures on a range from 1 to 10 and when you select, you choose your ranking, the page shows you the picture’s average rating and how many ratings it has obtained. Your profile picture is also exposed to the same thing and the site allows you to the perspective rating that individuals have given your photo. You can also report photos and flag them for having nudity, being fake/inappropriate or for not having a visible face.
  • The site has an intensely used Forum with a ton of subjects, the “20′s Chat” group alone has 17,775 threads with 2,236,727 responses with concerns like “Would you do 69 or doggy or eat ass or stroke them or run from the PAY?” Or simple one like “Smash or Pass”. Then there are some really fun one like “Dumbest thing you’ve ever done while being drunk?” And a few stupid ones like “How many guys think they can get a girl off just by chatting lol?” But the whole thing is actually quite a bit of fun.

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Disadvantages and Caveats

DateHookup is very basic and the results are much to be preferred. The layout and design are very old and make you feel like it’s the 90′s and you’re using a dial-up connection. It provides only the lowest amount of features which any other top dating sites can quickly offer. The website brags about how excellent it is and how you’ll meet someone and how everything is 100% free. If these are for real, then why would anyone need to use their sponsor sites like Match or AdultFriendFinder which cost you cash and offer the same promise? Wouldn’t be the only website you would ever need? The websites seem to have only one function for me and that’s to get you to subscribe to one of the sponsor websites. I think they want you to sign up for free then certainly be frustrated with the website and keep you seeking for more so you go to one of the paid sites and sign up there to relieve the stress of your frustrations from using DateHookup.


The website to me is completely pointless, but fortunately not money. With so many great top dating sites out there now, there is no need to dredge the end of the river and spend your time and effort trying to connect on DateHookup. Do yourself a benefit and sign up for the top dating sites that will provide twice as many features that will truly give you a real date. Even if you did happen to find a date, although the website free but it is old. DateHookup is definitely not one of the top dating sites. So, should you really be enthusiastic about the members of this site?

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