Cougar Dating – The Boytoy Trend

Why is that when older men date ladies who are a decade or even younger than them, it’s perfectly okay, but when women do this kind of thing, it seems like it is a taboo in the society? I just don’t get it. One way that will benefit us all is to shake off all prejudices we were raised with and break out of the censoring beliefs brought by society. There is no absolute reason why women should not date younger men. After all, age doesn’t matter, right?


The use of the term ‘cougar’ to describe an older woman prowling for younger prey may not always be fair, but looking at the flip side of things, cougars are a lot more alluring and confident in their ways. Older women are successful in their chosen careers and are more advanced educationally and financially. Most have broken out from the traditional roles and are not stuck on what society has set them to do.

Older women ‘know better’ when it comes to handling relationships. They know how to take care of themselves and others as well. Moreover, it is not a secret that there is an oxytocin rush among ladies which only younger men with stamina can provide. Younger men allow older women to get reconnected with the sensual side of sexuality. And when it comes to sexuality, older women are also more experienced in this field. This, along all other reasons makes more and more young guys get attracted to older women.

It may take time for some older women to come around, but women who have been in the boytoy dating scene have the following reasons why it is much better to date younger men.

Why Women Prefer Younger Men

  • Most Younger Men Sees Older Women as Equals

Most often than not, younger men respect older women and sees them as their equals. Hence, women are not pressured to take on the role of being a frumpy homemaker. Women can anticipate their boytoys to be more liberated when it comes to relationship roles.

  • Younger Guys Appreciate the Confidence and Allure of Older Women

Older women have an experienced life. Compared to young ladies who are still uncertain where they are headed, older women knows what they want and how to get it. It’s the nature of men to be challenged every now and then, which is why they view this, exciting and a lot more challenging.

  • Younger Men have a Zest for Life

When it comes to raging testosterone, younger men have it. Women finds boytoys passionate and exhilarating who want to live life to the fullest, rather than men their age who are more engrossed in the so called ‘pipe and slippers’ way of life.

 Final Thought!

There is an increasing popular shift of the dating scene today, not only Demi Moore and Madonna are into boytoy dating. But a lot of women are empowered nowadays and are pretty much aware that there is nothing wrong with dating younger guys. Besides, there is a lot of edge in dating younger men compared to older ones. If older men are allowed to date women who are almost half their age, why can’t women do that? Who set the standards anyway?

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