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Many lovers tend to get tired of the classical way of dating. You know the usual coffee, dinner and movie date. These become so monotonous that it is no longer exciting, which may cause your relationship to be stuck in a rut. Finding new ways to spend time together is very salient at this point. Bring back the spark when you had your first date by going out of the routine and find diversified activities you and your loved one can do.

New date ideas can only take you by far, but it’s the effort and connection between the both of you that will make it wonderful. So make sure to keep the conversation flowing and bond on a deeper level. The best dates involve new adventures and something out of the ordinary. So, be spontaneous and try new things.

Date Ideas

  • Do-it-yourself Picnic

Surprise your love one with a do-it-yourself picnic. Cook his or her favorite dish, find a romantic spot and set it up beautifully. You can do it any time of the day, but it’ll be more romantic if you have the picnic during the night, under the light of the moon and stars. I’m sure this kind of surprise will be deeply appreciated by your significant other. Just make sure you check the weather as well.

  • Theme Park

Did you know that an adrenaline rush has a major effect on the brain, maybe this can stimulate the chemistry between you and bring back the spark. Go for a daring ride on a roller coaster, scare yourselves in a horror house or win something for your love in a shooting range. However, make sure your partner is up to it.


  • Open Mic Nights

I understand you are only good at singing when you are in a shower, but there is no more romantic than serenading your love one in front of other people. Although, your voice can be a ‘make it or break it factor’, but it will be an experience of a lifetime.


  • Laugh Out Loud

Do you know where you can go wherein you can laugh out loud? Comedy bars! This is a great way to tickle your sense of humor. You can have dinner in the same place, have some liquor and laugh your way through the night. Just be careful not to laugh when you are gulping up your drinks.


  • Camping or Hiking

Being one with nature is one of the best things you can do with your loved one. You can take a day hike or an overnight camping on the beach or at a local campground. There are challenging terrains that require a lot of hand holding and skin touching, so take advantage of this.

Final Thought!

New dating activities can bring back the wonderful feeling you had when you first dated and it can also create new experience as well. Don’t be stuck in a rutmaintains that deep connection between the two of you. Try these exciting dating activities and make wonderful memories that you and your loved one can cherish forever.

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