A Guide to Hookup Sites

How many first dates have you had that went terribly wrong? If you are into dating then you’ve probably considered online dating. You might even be a member of a dating site already. They say online dating is healthy. You can be more open to the other person and have knowledge about your date even before you meet in person. If you think you’re not faring well in the world of dating both in the physical world and online, then you’re probably playing the wrong game. Do you really want a partner or just a casual encounter? Maybe you’re spending your energy on the wrong activity. Most men fantasize that they’ll be able to get the girl on their bed after the first date. Some men get lucky and really end up getting the girl in their bed, but luck does not make the dating world go round. It’s about the right strategy and tactics.

First of all, if you keep on thinking about getting laid on your first date, stop. Consider if your date is thinking about it as well. Most women don’t want to give out signs that they want to get laid as well. Don’t coax her into admitting it. Instead, be cool and try to challenge yourself not to think about sex. Concentrate on the date. Once you’re in control, throw in an innuendo. Be casual about it and try to look expectant. This is one of the ways on how to hookup online. This way, the woman will have no choice but to respond. If she does not give any response, that means she’s processing or considering it. If she gives a negative response, back off a bit. Try for second time and wait for a response. If given, then it’s a clear sign you might be able to score tonight. There are tips on how to maximize your chances on your first date. You can visit many hook up sites that are available on the internet. Most often, these sites provide guides on how to hook up online with a minimal effort and maximum results.

This guide is on how to hookup online. It’s not for online dating. That means for the guide and the tips to work, you have to be a member of a hookup site. Women on this site know that the guys only want to hook up and so during the first date, they know what to expect. You’ll have more chances of getting laid on your first date if your date is from an online hookup site.

To make it even easier, you can sign up to more than one hook up site. You’ll be spending a lot of money, but part of the guide includes how to get the most of your money. It’s about maximizing your time in searching for the right women on the sites. Before you decide to get another hookup site membership, you should learn to master one site first. Learn how it works and all the tiny details when it comes to getting women to notice you. After you’ve known the dating site pretty well, then you can start signing up to another site. Like the first one you had, it will need some time to get used to how the site works. You’ll be building your profile again and figure out how you’ll get women to take you seriously. Spend some time learning the tricks of the other site, but still spend a lot of time on your original site. You don’t want to miss out on any activity that might occur there. Once you’ve learned how to use both sites, don’t be greedy. Create a schedule for your dates. You don’t want to cancel a date because you have another date from the other site. If a woman knows you’re a member of more than one hookup site, don’t deny it. She might be asking you that question because she’s a member of the site as well. It will be a great topic to talk about on your emails.

Another part of the guide is knowing how to write a good email. This might sound too professional but this is essential in knowing how to hookup online. Some guys use the same email template and end up having the girls avoid them. Not all email templates work on all women. You have to learn how to make your emails original. The first sentence of your email should give the women an impression about you. Don’t be too formal or too nonchalant. If you decide to make the first sentence about the woman, that’s good too. You can also try writing a short joke as your first line. That way, the woman’s mood will be set to a light tone. In delivering emails, don’t send it anytime you want. There are ideal schedules when to send an email: ten in the morning, three in the afternoon, or after dinner. Don’t send it on an exact time like 10:00 or 3:00. Instead, send it at a time like 10:08 or 3:16. This way, you’ll not compete with the other emails that your possible date might be getting. Of course, if you’re replying to an email, don’t wait for an hour or two. Write your reply in around 10 to 15 minutes. If a woman sends you an email in the middle of the night, you may or may not reply to that email immediately.

Not all women on a hookup site want dates. Some are escort users who ask for your money in exchange for sex. You already paid for the membership fee for the dating site; you don’t have to pay for anything else just to get laid. The runners of the site prohibit escort services within their site. There are even users that ask for your money and run away with it. The guide also gives you tips on how to spot and avoid these kinds of users. Remember that the women who signed up for the dating site also paid more or less the same amount as you. If a woman asks for money, don’t hesitate to report it immediately or to avoid her altogether, but never accuse someone of being a scam or an escort user.

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